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Digital berth management for marinas

How it works

The professional solution for port operators

Benefit from the perfect interplay between sensors and software:

Identification of berth capacities in real time
Higher capacity utilisation through Automation
Automatic berth release for online marketing
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IoT sensors with QR/NFC technology recognise independently recognises the occupancy status of the berth and displays availability.

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marinaSCAN supplies real-time data to marinaDATA (cloud), from where the required information is forwarded to the harbour management. If required, connected booking platforms have access to free berths and can also market them online.


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As an innovative pioneer, "The Newport" utilises our solution in conjunction with external software to optimise ongoing processes, create more flexibility in availability and, last but not least, to further improve customer service through the possibility by enabling online bookings in real time.

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As a booking service provider with its own platform, SaMMY quickly recognised recognised that live data from berths could make a valuable contribution to increasing increase capacity and also maximise service for booking customers. Customers to a maximum. Customers can see available berths in real time and book and pay for them immediately online.