Pricing (Europe)

* plus a one-off from € 99 per berth for installation and commissioning

  • Smart Basic
    3.99 € *
    per month, per berth
    plus VAT.
    • Provision, installation and implementation of the sensors at the berth
    • Creation of a graphical harbour plan
    • Provision of an API for integration into an existing system
    • Maintenance and operation
    • Availability of the berth through
    • LED displays
    • Control of the LEDs via your own harbour program
    • Connection to external berth booking platforms
    • Energy supply is self-sufficient
    • Incl. data service
  • Smart Pro
    4.89 € *
    per month, per berth
    plus VAT.

    Smart Basic" plus benefits:

    • Automatic recording of the communication to the permanent berth, after leaving the berth**
    • Enquiry about planned return
    • Automatic release of the berth
    • berth or after release by skipper or harbour master
    • by the skipper or harbour master
    • Independent marketing of guest berth
    • guest berth capacities via
    • connected berth booking platforms
  • Smart Advanced
    5.99 € *
    per month, per berth
    plus VAT.

    Smart Pro" plus benefits:

    • Guest mooring fee directly online at the sensor (QR/NFC code)
    • Online booking of the berth in advance via the harbour website
    • Integration of reservation codes for berth check-in after online booking
    • Integration of supply pillars for automatic deactivation, after leaving the berth***

** A prerequisite for using the service is the availability of the permanent resident via a mobile phone.

*** Subject to feasibility check on the supply pillar, hardware adjustments may be necessary at additional cost. Hardware adaptations with additional costs may be necessary.