Ein Hafenbecken mit vielen Segelbooten und Bergen im Hintergrund

About us

If you are a skipper, you may know this too. An exhausting but great day at sea is coming to an end and you're already thinking about the mooring beer. All that remains is to suitable, free berth in the harbour...

As skippers, we have certainly had similar experiences. Like you, I have also annoyed very often about unoccupied berths with a little red sign, even though everything would actually be quite simple, actually.

The SMBL team is made up of people who have had similar experiences like me, were interested in finding a solution. For this purpose, we habe developed a system that meets all requirements and can also be easily retrofitted. Our goal was and still is to find berth capacities in fully booked harbours. To make these visible and bookable online via one or more platforms. So that the holiday cruise does not have to end in the early afternoon, but can also be inspire through the evening horizon at sea.

Andy Damnig, sailor