Logo MarinaDATA The cloud for perfect data transfer between sensors, booking platform and your marina software.
  • Keeping a close eye on the harbour.

    This is ensured by „marinaDATA“, which is our centrepiece. All information goes exactly where it is needed the greatest added value for you.

  • Which management software?

    Via different interfaces, „marinaDATA“ can deliver information from berths directly to your management software. Continue working as usual with your existing program as usual, „marinaDATA“ enhances it with real-time data directly from the berth. You don't use any software? We will be happy to put you in touch with software providers or you can use our front end to manage the berths.

  • Online booking.

    Make it possible for your guests to book berths directly via your website, „marinaDATA“ makes available capacities independently for online booking.

  • More coverage and capacity utilisation.

    Does your harbour have a special charm? For this „marinaDATA" is networked with online booking platforms for berths and makes free guest berth capacities available for booking via the network. This increase your reach and boost your capacity utilisation.

  • Harbour master busy at the moment?

    With our sensor system, your guests can pay for their stay directly at their berth and receive the necessary access codes for sanitary facilities and WLAN.

  • Berth release.

    Expand your guest capacities to include the absence of your permanent berth holders. Berth tenants who have left their berth will be contacted by „marinaDATA" at a certain time and asked to report the day of their return. This results in additional capacity, which can then be booked online by guests.